H-MAN Upper Limb Robotic
H-MAN Upper Limb Robotic
H-MAN Upper Limb Robotic
H-MAN Upper Limb Robotic

H-MAN Upper Limb Robotic

Continuum of Rehabilitation

H-MAN is the first truly portable, clinically validated arm rehabilitation device which is compatible in both professional and home healthcare environment. With H-MAN, users can now experience quality and independent training even at the comfort of their own home.

Improved Productivity

The H-Man is clinically validated to reduce the workload of therapists by as much as ~65%. Studies with the H-Man have shown that using the H-Man lead to reduced departmental costs or enable therapists to cater to more patients on a regular basis thereby increasing revenue.

Portable and Compact

Designed with healthcare providers in mind, H-MAN is easily transportable and requires minimal footprint for rehabilitation without compromising on the quality of training. Requiring a standard table-top area, the H-Man is a supremely compact and portable robotic rehabilitation device suitable for use in homes, hospitals and community centres.

Modular Design, Unlocked Possibilities

H-man comes equipped with a modular, and compatible with carefully designed handles to support various training needs for maximum therapeutic benefits. These handles are designed with feedback from clinicians with years of experience in the field so that we can provide you with only the best form of training.

Plug and Play

Minimal steps ensure that patients’ and therapists’ time is engaged in more fruitful ways by providing them more quality time to engage in rehabilitation exercises.

Redefining Personalization in Therapy

The H-MAN can adapt to the user’s performance without intervention. It assesses user’s arm movements, adapt complexity to ensure maximum learning, and provides feedback on the recovery progress.

Engaging Games

At ARTICARES, we aim to make your rehabilitation journey as enjoyable as possible. Through the integrated CARE platform, users can access a library of games designed to meet specific training needs. Whether it is strength or coordination training, these visually engaging games are designed to make therapy fun and interactive!