Managing the Complex Neuro Upper Limb - A Taste of Therapy and Technology.

Date: TBD

Speaker: Bev Quee, OT 

Course Overview:

Is what we see in clinical practice for chronic complex patients aligned with the current practice guidelines?

Can you change contractures in the upper limb with just splinting? Or is it a multi modal approach? If so, what else do you do in practice?

This one day workshop will provide a taste of therapy approaches - revisit splinting/casting for the complex hand; help you to understand the power of FES in upper limb rehab; learn about the use of NIN for pain management and the use of technology in clinical practice. From this workshop, we can then expand and focus on areas of need.

Session 1: Review of Splinting / Casting 

Session 2: Using electrical stimulation in UL therapy

Session 3: Using Non Invasive Neurostimulation (NIN) to manage pain and to improve ROM

Session 4: Incorporating technology into clinical practice 

Session 5: Case Studies

Expression of Interest: Email Bev Quee at 


Upper Limb Anatomy Workshop

Date: November 30th, 2019

Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm (8.00am Registration)

Location: Royal Rehab - Clive Austin Conference Centre

225 Morrison Road, Ryde NSW 2112

Parking: Free car parking onsite or local street parking. 

Speaker: A/Professor Tony Pohl, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Cost: $275.00 + GST

What's Included: Course Notes, Lunch, AM/PM Tea

Course Overview: Need a revision in Upper Limb Anatomy? If your answer is YES, this workshop is not to be missed! A/Professor Tony Pohl is internationally renowned in the field of bone fractures and their management. Mr Pohl will cover the brachial plexus, including nerve roots and nerves, and the anatomy of upper limb muscles in a concise, 'easy to remember', 'user-friendly' and 'hands-on' manner. This is a full day workshop program include:

Session 1: Nerve Root Assessment - Everything you need to know up to Fellowship Level in 10 easy facts

Session 2: Assessment of Nerve of the Hand

Session 3: Anatomy and Nerves of the Forearm

Session 4: Anatomy and Nerves of the Upper Arm

Session 5: Anatomy and Nerves of the Shoulder

Registrations close: November 22nd, 2019. Places are limited. For more information, email Bev Quee at 

Register now link: