Bioness L300 Go FES System
Bioness L300 Go FES System
Bioness L300 Go FES System
Bioness L300 Go FES System

Bioness L300 Go FES System

Improved Mobility. Made Easier.    

L300 Go is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system capable of producing measurable mobility improvements for patients with foot drop and/or knee instability caused by and upper motor neurone disease or injury such as:

• Stroke
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Cerebral Palsy
• Incomplete Spinal Cory Injury
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Research has demonstrated the ability of functional electrical stimulation to improve clinical outcomes.
• Promote Neuroplasticity
• Prevent Muscle Atrophy
• Improve range of motion
• Increase Ambulatory Level from Household to Community

Five Key Features Make L300 Go More Capable and Versatile

1. 3D Motion Detection 

Embedded sensor technology monitors patient movement in all three kinematic planes and triggers stimulation precisely when needed.

2. Multi-Channel Stimulation

Independent adjustment of medial/lateral stimulation enables precise control of foot inversion/eversion. 

3. Fast, Intuitive Set-Up

Fewer components to manage, a Quick Start Fitting Mode and Bluetooth programming significantly reduce set-up time.

4. Outcome Measures

Standardised assessments make it easy to objectively track and document patient progress.

5. Home User App 

The myBIoness mobile app allows users to set goals, monitor activity and see how far they have come, helping to ensure gains made in therapy continue at home.  

How do I get assessed for the L300 Foot Drop System?

The L300 Go Foot Drop System is programmed by your clinician to stimulate the appropriate nerves and muscles in your leg to lift your foot and help you walk more naturally. To find out if the L300 Go will work for you, send us an enquiry.

How do I order electrodes for the L300 Foot Drop System?

Electrodes for the L300 Go and the legacy L300 system can be ordered. Please send your order to