Who Are We

Neurotek offers a specialised neurological focused product range and therapy service .

The product range aims to manage contractures in the upper and lower limb, facilitate movement through support systems and electrical stimulation and encourage participation and active rehabilitation through virtual rehab.

We know that rehabilitation is hard work and at times slow, but with technological advances, we can encourage greater independence and function, compliance, motivation and fun!


Why Us

Bev Quee, Occupational Therapist, founded Neurotek in 2015 based on a need to provide clinical support and technology to clinicians working in neuro rehab. Bev graduated from Sydney Uni and has worked clinically in Canada, USA and Australia. She also worked with companies like Smith + Nephew and Surgical Synergies to provide well researched, innovative technology, education and training to clinicians. 

“It is important that we understand the many challenges that clients and clinicians face during their journey to achieving motor recovery and independence”.

We value our relationship with clinicians and facilities and provide ongoing support and education to ensure confidence, knowledge and success.