Smart Pegboard
Smart Pegboard
Smart Pegboard

Smart Pegboard

Digital pegboard for functional and cognitive rehabilitation
Neofect Smart Pegboard provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training.


Digital Training Program- Provides results oriented, digital training for upper limb, visual/ spatial and cognitive abilities.

  • Optical Feedback - Equipped with high-intensity LEDs. Provides visual cues for placement of pegs.
  • Acoustical Feedback - Provides a multi-sensory experience through voice and sound effects to prompt the user through training.
  • Purposeful functional and cognitive training activities:
  • Sessions - Create individual training sessions for every user.
  • Various Levels - Adjust level of training to the individual skills and needs of users.
  • Modular System - The Smart Pegboard contains 3 different boards for more than 15 exercises.