SMARTfit for Active Ageing and Older Adults

SMARTfit for Active Ageing and Older Adults

SMARTfit brain health and fitness programming provides you with the tools to focus on training your brain and body to function efficiently as you grow older.

  • Improve brain health, balance and stability via dual-task cognitive–motor training
  • Improve mobility and motor-skills while strengthening muscles and joints
  • Improve memory and cognitive problem solving skills
  • Enjoy social interaction and team play

SMARTfit Programming is Tailored For Older Adults

Programming for older adults must be adaptable and customizable to meet the specific needs of each person while also being challenging and fun without being overwhelming.

SMARTfit’s turnkey programming modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of each person, regardless of ability level:

  • Maintaining quality of life
  • Brain Health and Vestibular pograms for geriatric populations
  • Memory and balance training for retirement facilities
  • Wellness – recovering from a set-back